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I've loved this. The low setting is great and lasts a long time. Only draw back is having to clean it but I'm sure all infusers need to be. It looks cool but remember how much of that sleek look is taken away buy an obnoxious long white cord and plug. The lights are much better than expected; really relaxing. I'd buy it again


I ordered the wood grain diffuser for Christmas and loved it so much that I bought this one for my office. It arrived in 2 days, but I haven't used it yet. Will update if it doesn't work like the one I already have and love. I'm not expecting any issues, but the customer service seems to be excellent.

Ellen Alfie

I read a lot of reviews before I decided which diffuser to buy. I finally went with this one and am glad I did. I love it. It's easy to use, it lasts a long time, and the oils smell lovely. The features that I really looked for were that the light cold be turned off/on, that any type of oil could be used (citrus is one that comes to mind), that it was quiet, visually appealing, and had good reviews. I would highly recommend BellaSentials oil diffuser to others. The company also sent a free gift, which ended up being a really nice quality chapstick (something I use all of the time).

This is my first diffuser and I am very very happy with it. The instructions that come with it are easy to follow and it started working right away. I have used it for 3 evenings and the liquid ( water and oil ) level has not yet dropped to the half way level. I have it in an open room that cannot be closed off and aroma is still lovely. I have been so satisfied with the BellaSential that I ordered a 2nd one which arrived on time and it was very well packaged so no damage occurred. I use the 12 hour setting in both the living area and the bedroom area.


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