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5 Essential Oils that are Good for your Health

In this chemical ridden world, it is nice to go natural once in a while-- or possibly forever. Chemicals are known to harm the body if not overnight then over the years or days to come. Essential oils (which came from plants) are known throughout history as an important tool in treating some forms of sickness and providing therapeutic benefits. While it is not proven to totally cure illnesses, it is proven to be effective in providing relief in one way or another. Here are some of the most popular oils and their health benefits:

1. Lavender

This gentle oil with a fresh & floral scent has antibacterial qualities which makes it one of the most popular oils providing the most health benefits. It fights germs, aids digestion, helps fight headaches, calms the nerves, improves sleep, relieves joint pain, fights anxiety/depression, relaxes the mind, heals bruises, aids digestion and dissolves stretch marks.

2. Peppermint

It’s known not only as a breath freshener, but also an important healing oil in treating nausea, indigestion, itching, soothing of muscles, easing sore throats, taming headaches, eliminating nasal congestion and relaxes the nerves. Forget coffee! Inhale Peppermint instead to boost your energy and increase concentration!

3. Black Pepper

Aside from adding flavor to your daily meals, Black Pepper is also used medically because of its healing properties. It is known to aid in digestion, prevents cramps, cures bacterial infections, eases the muscles/ joints, prevents arthritis, cures coughs and supports the nervous system. There is also a study that says it helps in stopping addiction to smoking or cigarettes.

4. Sesame

Sesame oil is best mixed with other oils because of its heaviness. As it is, it contains essential vitamins, minerals & protein that not only improves the hair and skin, but also cures some illnesses. It contains fatty acids which lowers blood pressure, cures eczema & psoriasis, lowers cholesterol, soothes burns, assists in bone health, treats head lice and it is even known to slow down growth of cancer cells.

5. Cinnamon

Known to be one of the best versatile oils. It has a lot of health benefits and healing properties. It is a natural immune system booster and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. Other benefits include, prevention of respiratory tract infections, gets rid of intestinal worms, detoxifies the body, it’s anti-inflammatory, stops bloating, relieves pain, soothes arthritis, kills molds causing fungi, boosts your appetite, prevents diabetes and also it can be used as an anti-depressant.

These oils could be used solo or mixed with other oils for maximum benefits. Don’t forget to use BellaSentials Oil Diffuser for your aromatherapy sessions!

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