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Best Essential Oils for the Winter Season

Winter is here and comes with it are a string of common illnesses. Good news is that essential oils are a great tonic. By making essential oils part of your daily routine can help keep your immune system up, speed up your recovery and down time in case the flu strikes. These oils will also help you have a positive outlook by uplifting your spirits when the winter sadness persists. These oils will energize you during the cold and dark winter days when finding motivation seems quite a challenge. Try these oils in your BellaSentials diffuser to give warmth and comfort to your home during this winder season..

1. Frankincense Essential Oil
Frankincense has immune-boosting and purifying properties which can help to prevent you from getting sick during the winter season. Since this is the prime time to catch the common cold or influenza, using frankincense regularly is a good idea so that you can get through the season without getting sick. When combined with frequent hand washing, you will find that your immune system is stronger and that you are more resistant to illness.

2. Ginger Essential Oil
“Boost the bodies circulation and can relieve a chest cold, stomach ache, tight sore muscles and warm and freshen tired feet. It is great when mixed in as part of a massage oil or when a few drops are added to the bath. However, it is very warm and spicy by nature, and too much can irritate the skin. It should be used in very low dosages and never applied directly to the skin.

3. Cinnamon Essential OIl
“Warming and strengthening, this is stimulating for the digestion and the natural antiseptic properties make it good for treating colds and flu. Don’t use it on the skin but great in an atomiser or for inhalations. “

4. Thieves Blend Oil
“Thieves is a blend of essential oils including Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. It is really awesome at supporting our immune systems. I rub 2-3 drops undiluted on the bottoms of our feet and on our spines daily. I also diffuse it into the air using a cool mist diffuser about 2-3 times per day for about 15 minutes each during the winter cold season.”

5. Pine Essential Oil
“If you are suffering from asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throats, or a cough pine essential oil will definitely help to clear the air. Add several drops to a winter bath, or include several drops in a massage blend. It is relaxing, refreshing, and uplifting. This oil is widely available at a moderate price, and has few cautions, except that it can sometimes cause problems for those with sensitive skin. For best results use in low dosage.”

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