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Best Essentials Oils to Boost Energy

Do you ever feel sluggish after a night of full sleep? Is your mood a bit somber lately? The daily grind of work and play can be exhausting. We try and balance out each aspect of our lives day in and day out. There is the perpetual task of dividing our time according to what is expected of us; be it at home or at work. Granted, there will be times we’ll feel flat! Do note that this is very normal. After all, we aren’t super heroes. Just with any kind of personal dilemma, there is a solution! There are many ways to boost one’s energy for that much needed lift. There’s coffee, energy drinks, energy bars and mood boosting music But there is a better alternative! Did you know that essential oils can naturally improve your mood to uplift and recharge you? With the help of Bellasentials Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser and essential oils, you’ll be ready to face the world with much needed enthusiasm and focus. Here’s a list of our favorite essential oils for energy:

• Grapefruit Essential Oil- Grapefruit oil is known as an energizing oil. It helps refresh the mind and gives the whole room a sense of positivity.

• Rosemary Essential Oil- Not only is Rosemary an excellent herb in cookery but it has been used to help improve memory retention. It has been said to help alleviate headaches and gives an overall sense of well-being.

• Lemon Essential Oil- Lemons are surely known for their anti-bacterial properties which people have used to help fight sniffles and snore-throats. Lemon essential oils have a calming and comforting effect on stressed individuals. The scent also gives one a sense of cleanliness and freshness.

• Lime Essential Oil- Similar to lemon, lime has its refreshing zing! Unlike its more familiar counterpart, limes are better known in Asian cuisine and cookery. It has an invigorating and stimulating effect. Best used when studying or in the office for mental focus.

• Cinnamon Essential Oil- Ever notice how you suddenly feel more energetic after you get a whiff of those lovely cinnamon buns and their heavenly scent at your local bakery? Cinnamon is known to reduce stress, increase appetite and helps harness back one’s energy in no time.

• Jasmine Essential Oil- Jasmine is best used to calm nerves. Widely recommended for people with depression, some studies suggests that Jasmine has helped people feel uplifted because of its revitalizing properties.

• Peppermint Essential Oils- Not only does it give a sense of cool and freshness every time you brush your teeth, peppermint is perfect for the office! It helps promote mental alertness and focus. It clears the mind and it improves concentration when the things get tiring at work.

These essential oils are great on their own but can also be blended into a perfect oil cocktail. Always remember that living a balanced life is the real key to maintain our daily energy. Getting enough sleep, daily exercise, eating clean and healthy, having good relationships with coworkers and loved ones are all factors that we must all take into consideration. This will maximize your daily productivity while remaining energized and happy.

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