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DIY Air Freshener Spray Using Essential Oils

DIY Air Freshener Spray Using Essential OilsAre you still clueless about what to give friends, coworkers and loved ones this holiday season? A thoughtful gesture by making your own gifts is such a brilliant idea. Not only will these gifts stand out but you are actually giving a lot of thought and effort into making them which make these tokens more special. On top of that, making your own giveaways this holiday season can be quite economical, easy on the pocket and surprisingly really simple to do. A great way to utilize all your favorite essential oils and to simply stretch your stash is by making great smelling air freshener sprays. Your friends will love this because of course you made it and most definitely because of the fact that it’s free of nasty chemicals. Here is the recipe:

20 drops of essential oil of choice (we like grapefruit, lavender, lemon, lavender, rose and lime)
One and one fourth cup distilled water
One Tablespoon of rubbing alcohol
Spray bottle
Pour the 20 drops of essential oil into the spray bottle.
Add the one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol then using a wooden stick, mix together to blend and emulsify.
Make a last swish to blend the oil and alcohol so this will mix with the water that will be added and won’t separate.
Finally, add the one and one fourth cup distilled water and mix. This can now be used as a room air freshener.
Put a nice ribbon and label it with a holiday greeting tag. This spray is now ready to be given away.
Take note that if you do not add rubbing alcohol to this recipe, the ingredients will not bind together causing the essential oils to separate from the water. You may also opt to add other essential oils in the mix. Take into consideration the favorite scents of your friends and loved ones. Are they into floral, fruity, woody or herbal? Take note of certain scents that might be a turn off to some. Remember, scents are very personal. What might be great smelling to you, might be horrible and traumatic to another. These oils may also be used in your BellaSentials Diffuser to help set the mood and make your bedroom have that peaceful and inviting ambiance. Now there you have it! We hope this recipe finds its way into your gift giving festivities this season.

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