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DIY Essential Oil Anti-Bug Spray for You and Your Dog

DIY Essential Oil Anti-Bug Spray for You and Your DogEssential oils have so many benefits and uses for humans. From diffusing using Bellasential Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser to essential oil rollers. From making soaps and perfume and even using essential oils as natural remedies to treat a variety of ailments.  By now you might be wondering if these oils that we have come to love can be used for pet care. Although there are many essential oils that can be experimented on, do deep research first to know if these are actually suitable for your furry friends. In this blog we will focus on an anti-bug recipe that can be used for you and your dog.

Do you know that a lot of bug repellant sprays that are available in the market today are full of toxic chemicals?  These can be easily absorbed by the skin and your furry friends are not immune to the harsh side effects of chemicals. In fact, the older the dog gets, the more
sensitive they become to chemicals. Avoid the use of chemically rich products at all costs and start making your own remedies. Not only will you be living a healthy lifestyle but your pets will reach their senior years happily as well. Before you use any anti-bug spray, inform the veterinarian that your pet frequents and ask for a go signal first.

The following is a step by step process of a DIY Essential Oils Anti-Bug Spray courtesy of fitfortwotv (www.youtube.com/channel/UCcebyIsGIU6R9sUiiIBsvyw) :

What you will need:
Tea Tree Oil
Lemon Grass Oil
Alcohol Free Witch Hazel

Prepare a mason jar. Fill it up with 14 ounces of Alcohol Free Witch Hazel, 15 drops of citronella, 15 drops of lemongrass essential oil, and 10 drops of tea tree oil.  Close the lid and shake the mixture until you see a cloudy consistency. Using a funnel, transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray on you and your pet and be happily bug free. Take note that essential oils can breakdown plastic, it’s best to use glass bottles or
simply transfer a small amount of mixture into a plastic spray bottle for immediate use only. Always store this anti-bug spray using glass containers. It is also best to use a darker glass. Never use concentrated amounts of essential oils on pets directly.

Always make sure they are diluted and suitable for the kind of pet that you have. Be aware that Tea Tree Oil should NEVER be used on cats.

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