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Easy DIY Mosquito and Bug Repellant Recipe

Easy DIY Mosquito and Bug Repellent RecipeA quick walk or jog outdoors can be soothing to the mind and body. Imagine a moment of solitude which you can enjoy just reflecting about life, while enjoying the beauty of nature. All this can be good to the soul and your health but not if you have that itchy feeling all over. That moment of enjoyment and bliss has now turned into an annoying and stressful scene of itching and scratching due to mosquitos and bugs. Has this happened to you? Well, you are not alone. Are you are one of those people who easily get bitten by these nasty pests? Then it’s highly suggested that you cover up and use spray repellants prior to exposure. Before you seek out that store bought bug repellant lotion or spray that’s full of chemicals and additives, we suggest this great DIY mosquito and bug repellent. It’s all natural and good for you. We promise! No more nasty bite marks. This stuff is as effective as those you find in the store.

Ban the Bugs Recipe

• ⅛ tsp geranium essential oil
• ⅛ tsp lavender essential oil
• ¼ tsp lime eucalyptus essential oil
• half cup of olive or almond oil

Place the carrier oil in a bottle then simply add the rest of the essential oils. Shake well. Apply on skin and reapply after 2 hours if needed. Avoid areas near the eyes, nose and mouth.

Mosquito Hater Spray Recipe

• 4 drops citronella essential oil
• 4 drops lemongrass essential oil
• 4 drops rosemary essential oil
• 4 drops eucalyptus essential oil
• 4 drops mint essential oil
• 1/4 cup pure witch hazel

Mix all oils and witch hazel in a spray bottle. Apply on skin prior to exposure. Re-apply every 2 hours if needed.

These recipes can be kept for months without going bad. Just make sure that you do a skin patch test first so you know if you are allergic to any of the essential oils listed on the recipe. It’s important to note that carrier oils must be used with essential oils for topical use. Furthermore, these oils can also be diffused using your trusted BellaSentials Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser to keep mosquitos from entering your home. There you have it! We hope this finds its way to your home so you can be bug, mosquito and stress free!

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