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Energy Boosting Tips for Staying Motivated

More often than not, there are times we get stuck in a rut or feel lethargic. Nobody has a stockpile of unlimited power like the energizer bunny. It is hard especially when you run out of energy and momentum, and there are still a million things to do before the day ends. Stop pushing. Instead, you have to stop what you’re doing, distance yourself from the project for a moment and take some time off for yourself. You have to connect with other things. Here are some energy boosting tips:
  1. Go out and be one with nature- Yes, it’s true. As cliché as it may sound, sometimes going outdoors does something uplifting to the spirit. Take a short walk in the park. The plan is to get active and surround yourself with the amazing things nature has to offer.
  2. Listen to music- From cheesy love songs, rock, indie, heavy metal, classical, EDM, country to folk. Listen to all kinds of genres and imagine making a soundtrack of the movie of your life! Yes, you read right! Sometimes when you make a silly little project that’s when something good comes up. U2’s song Sweetest Thing might just make you remember a fling you once had and who knows, that might tickle your imagination and give you some much needed good vibes to perk yourself up.
  3. Eat exotic food- Now this trick always works for me. When my tastes buds are happy, my mind gets energized and somehow all those creative ruminations that are stuck somewhere in my head, just starts to wake up. Usually exotic food does the trick. Indian, Thai or Vietnamese perhaps? All those spices, curries, herbs and heavenly scents just make you want to cheer. Go ahead, give it a try. No canned food or instant noodles please!
  4. Socialize- Yes, go talk to someone. A circle of good friends filled with debates, jokes and plain old gossip can start a spark in you. If your friends are all busy, then go talk to strangers! I once spoke with an elderly man on the train and he talked about his Filipina wife who lives on a beach. That automatically transported my senses into a tropical whirl. Find out what others are thinking. Ask about current events. A little bit of empathy goes a long way. Imagine yourself wearing the other person’s shoes. What great stories and sensory visual overload it will bring!
  5. Diffuse essential oils- Scents directly affect the mood. Try citrus oils such as lime, mandarin, yuzu, or grapefruit. You can even make your own blend and see what mixes have a positive effect on you. Use your BellaSential Aromatherapy Diffuser to enjoy the energy boosting properties of your oils.
  6. Watch a short film or expose yourself to art- Go to the nearest gallery or if you don’t have access, watch a short film. I am not talking about a B-rated movie. I am talking about the good stuff. Something out of your usual genre would be best. Try Wong Kar Wai’s 2046 or Chunking Express. Let these movies captivate you with the beautiful cinematography. When you allow other beautiful things in your system, this will light a fire in you.
When you’re feeling glum, sometimes you just need to take a break, get out of your comfort zone and do something else.  Immersing yourself into another environment and detaching yourself from a project, works wonders. The brain is such a beautiful and powerful tool that needs to be nourished just like any part of the body. You need to continuously stimulate it. You have to allow your body to feel things. When you start feeling, that’s when the magic happens. You’ll be an inspired once again and you’ll be thankful you gave your mind its much needed boost!

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