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Essential Oils for a Better Sleep

Not getting enough sleep could easily ruin your mood and can make you feel emotionally & physically exhausted. They say the minimum hours of sleep one should get is 8 hours, any number below that risks your health in so many ways. But with all your work or worries, achieving this becomes a struggle every night or every day. You don’t have to resort to sleeping pills just to get the sleep you deserve, use essential oils and instantly reap amazing benefits! Here are some known oils that will surely send you straight to dreamland and be sure to use them with an Essential Oil Diffuser for the best results:


    1. Lavender


Aside from its relaxing aroma, its calming & sedative properties instantly relaxes, fights stress & promotes sleep. Based on studies, inhaling this oil improves sleep quality by 70%.


    1. Roman Chamomile


You could digest this as a tea, or inhale it to instantly calm your nerves. Its sedative effects include stress reduction, anxiety prevention, ease depression, controls shock and eliminates anger. Diffuse this oil before going to sleep to achieve that inner peace and to surely go into deep slumber.


    1. Sweet Marjoram


This calming oil is a muscle relaxant that warms the mind & body and eases nervous tensions. It sedates or calms the nervous system which results to correction of sleeping disorders, lowers blood pressure, eases nerve tensions and soothes negative feelings.


    1. Rosewood


Rosewood has a sweet, floral scent that cures insomnia, prolongs sleep and relieves anxiety. Inhaling this oil provides peaceful feelings, balances the emotions, relaxes the nerves and brings feelings of harmony.


    1. Geranium


This oil contains compounds which are known to improve and enhance health. When inhaled, this oil transmits good emotions to your brains decreasing stress, corrects breathing, lowers blood pressure, enhances mood and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.


    1. Ylang-Ylang


The scent from Ylang-Ylang oil makes one achieve a certain state of harmony and also balances energies. It releases negative emotions and releases positive ones too. It soothes the mind, body and soul which prevents a person from feeling anxious, panicked, shocked or afraid. It’s known to greatly reduce stress, correct insomnia and brighten ones mood.


    1. Clary Sage


This oil has a nutty, earthy aroma which effectively controls mood changes and rejuvenates the body & mind. It has this calming effect which helps a person relax, concentrate and sleep soundly.

You may mix all of the oils above in correct proportions for that winning insomnia-fighting, sleep inducing combo. Knock yourself out!

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