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Essential Oils for People with Active Lifestyles

When people think of essential oils, they automatically imagine a tranquil spa or anything that relates to inducing sleep. Essential oils are not just for relaxing. There are a number of uses and benefits to aromatherapy. It can effectively enhance someone’s athletic capabilities while also soothing muscle aches and pains.

Staying active and staying motivated to work out religiously is really a challenge, especially if you are a busy person with many responsibilities. There are days when one will feel sluggish, lazy and beat down. Before you pick up a second cup of coffee, try considering these great essential oils to motivate you to keep moving.

• Peppermint Oil
Via: Breaking Muscle – breakingmuscle.com/nutrition/the-surprising- and-substantial-effects- of-peppermint- on-exercise

“Peppermint, and some of the other members of the mint family might well have some performance-enhancing or health-promoting effects you weren’t aware of.  For example, mint has been shown to be a painkiller, and has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antioxidant effects. Those effects are useful for performance, exercise recovery, and health. Just the smell of peppermint has been shown to reduce perceived effort, while improving mood and brainpower. However, compared to the amount of press some aromatherapies have received for their ergogenic properties, few studies have been undertaken to actually demonstrate the power of mint, until now.”

• Orange Oil
Via: www.essentialoilsus.comwww.essentialoilsus.com/boost-energy-aromatherapy/

“Citrus oils are also great at increasing energy. They’ll make you feel more focused and productive thanks to their potent therapeutic benefits, including their powerful scent. They also have the ability to lift your mood, which is important because psychological issues like stress and depression can spur significant levels of fatigue.  Citrus oils like Orange offer a fresh, sweet aroma made cold pressed straight from the peel. Its energy-boosting scent delivers a number of health benefits.”

• Lemongrass Oil
Via: Organic Facts – www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits- of-lemongrass- essential-oil.html

“Lemongrass Oil boosts self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, and it uplifts spirits and fights depression. This can be very helpful to drive away depression due to failures in their career, personal life, insecurity, loneliness, stagnation, death in the family and many other reasons. This also relieves anxiety. As an antidepressant, lemongrass can be systematically administered to patients of acute depression who are undergoing rehabilitation after acute shock. Basically, take it with your tea and relax.”

• Frankincense Oil
Via: Dr. Axe- draxe.com/what-is- frankincense/

“To improve circulation and lower symptoms of joint pain or muscle pain related to conditions like arthritis, digestive disorders, and asthma , try massaging frankincense oil to the painful area or diffusing it in your home. You can add a drop of oil to steaming water and soak a towel in it, then place the towel on your body or over your face to inhale it to decrease muscle aches. Also diffuse several drops in your home, or combine several drops with a carrier oil to massage into your muscles, joints, feet, or neck.

• Cinnamon Bark Oil
Via: Nature’s Gift – www.naturesgift.com/product/cinnamon-bark- 5-ml/

“Cinnamon Bark is an oil to be used with extreme caution. Please don’t use it in any “on the skin” application. Save its power for the aroma lamp or the diffuser. Cinnamon Bark oil is an extremely strong antibacterial and antifungal oil, a wonderful addition to air cleansing blends in the winter. When inhaled, it serves as a respiratory and circulatory stimulant and antiseptic. It is useful in inhalation blends for bronchitis, pleurisy, and can raise body temperature when you are chilled. Cinnamon Bark is wonderful for the type of flu that leaves you shivering. Emotionally, Cinnamon is useful for emotional and/or mental fatigue and lack of concentration.”

*Always use Essentiial Oils topically or injested under a doctor or certified aromatherapists care.

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