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Essentials Oil to Boost Fertility

There is an oil for just about anything, and there’s actually a life-changing list of essential oils that could help you or a loved one bear a child! We promise no miracle, but these are essential oils that could help boost your fertility or ease your way through and to it. When it comes to conception, there are so many alternatives like a healthy diet, proper exercise, eating fertility increasing foods. Why try essential oils? To make it short, some oils (which comes from plants) have phytohormonal properties that could stimulate, increase & regulate hormones which results to higher probability of getting pregnant. Before buying all those oils, it is important that you know which area to focus on. Meaning, test away! You have to know which hormones you lack or need and then buy an oil that addresses your dilemma. After obtaining that important information, its time to choose from the list of oils below!

1. Geranium – is an oil that balances the hormones, regulates the endocrinal system and detoxifies the lymphatic system. Aside from that, it also reduces anxiety and depression.

2. Clary Sage – this oil is a uterine tonic that produces estrogen. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and also reduces cramps!

3. Lavender - one of the most popular oil because of its many functions, it is known to balance body systems and alleviates hormonal imbalance.

4. Sweet Fennel – one of the most effective phytoestrogenic oil. It regulates menstrual cycle and reduce hormonal imbalance.

5. Coriander – this oil is an effective phytoestrogenic and glandular tonic. It also increases vaginal lubrication.

6. Ylang-Ylang – it stimulates the reproductive organs, reduces hormonal imbalance and is also an aphrodisiac!

7. Myrrh – an oil with phytoestrogens that clears the obstructions in the womb and regulates menstrual cycle.

8. Frankincense – it can calm sexual tension and decrease emotional imbalance.

9. Tarragon – this oil has properties that calms menstrual pain, regulates erratic periods and also contains anethole which increases potency.

10. Cypress – it is a uterine tonic which regulates the reproductive system and strengthens the uterus.

You could blend these oils in your BellaSentials Oil Diffuser or use them as is depending on your problem you want to fix. Remember to do deep research when blending and using these to achieve maximum results!

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