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How to Bring Summer Vibes into Your Home

There’s something special about summer. It holds the promise of a youthful, happy and fun filled time for everyone. More often than not, the best memories are from the glorious summers of our childhood. Those we have spent with family and loved ones in beach getaways and camping trips. While you can’t have summer all year round, you can always bring summer vibes into your home. They say it’s always summer somewhere, so why can’t it be summer all year? Here are some great tips to get that summer vibe:

• Use Nautical and Beachy Accents-The easiest way for that summer vibe is to bring in nautical and beachy accents. Throw pillow covers and rugs with a nautical print, seashell art picture frames, floral and botanical prints on the walls, wooden furniture and sculptures all remind of us summer. Remember, your interior should be simple. Beach houses aren’t heavily decorated and use lightweight material for drapes and curtains.

• Bring in Indoor Plants- If you love floral and botanical prints, why not experiment in bringing in live plants? There are plants that can be repotted in colorful containers that will add freshness and life into a room’s atmosphere. Small trees (bonsais), ferns and orchids are great options. If you give a certain level of care and love to them, these plants will last you until the next season.

• Use Summer Inducing Essential Oils- The best and fastest way to remember all those summer memories is through your nose! Blending winning essential oils such as Lavender, Lemongrass and Neroli. Then diffuse in your BellaSentials Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser. This is a great way to enjoy the scents of summer. You’ll be experiencing summer nostalgia in no time. This blend has an additional benefit of keeping your home fly and wasp free.

• Lighten Things Up- Use light colors for your bedding, draperies and fabric furniture. Experiment with changing your color scheme. These don't need to be bold and expensive changes. Pick a neutral color that you love and then mix and match with other summer colors. By using a neutral base color, you can add as much color as you want, depending on the look you are aiming for. Just don’t overdo it. Getting that summer vibe means an easy, clutter free place where you can relax.

• Try Doing DIY Summer Projects- Try some DIY projects that can help fill your space with summer themed accents. Using your own artwork will make it more personalized and hold a special feel. Repainting furniture, repurposing old fixtures and making your own wall art are fun ways that you can also spend time with the kids.

While summer never lasts, we can prolong it by making small changes in the home that are not expensive. Getting the kids involved for DIY projects is a perfect way to bond. It will not only boost fun but encourage creativity for the whole family.

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