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How to Make Your Living Room Cozy

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where you entertain loved ones and friends. It’s important to create a cozy and inviting mood that will trigger positive vibes. Is your living room feeling a bit stiff? Here are some great tips we’ve compiled:


Keep the Bad (people) Energy Away!

“Let's put this delicately: In-laws are a bit like outlaws. When they show up, they come bearing issues. If you find yourself getting a migraine every time your family visits, a few well-placed hints will keep them out of your living room. If your parents or in-laws think TV is for the devil, then make sure your huge entertainment center is right in front and the surround sound speakers are in every corner. A roll of crime scene tape wrapped around the banisters and strung from the doorknobs is a nice touch, but don't rely on subtlety. Change the locks, and if they do manage to make it through the wreath of garlic you mounted on the door, barricade the bathrooms. (That'll show 'em.) Having a nice area to entertain may encourage undesirables -- hey, you may love your in-laws but wish your mooch of a brother would forget your address. Whoever your pesky guest happens to be, don't let him get toxic all over your special space. It'll spoil the good vibrations.”- Sara Elliott, http://home.howstuffworks.com/


Why we agree: Truth is, if you want to be happy and at peace, then you must only allow good people in your life and in your home. Only invite guests that share the same loving and positive attitude you have.


Create a Second Seating Area or Reading Nook.

“In a large living room, even after filling out a main seating arrangement, there will likely be an odd corner that remains unfilled. If you put as much effort into this corner as into the “main” seating area, it may well become your favorite hangout spot. A few ideas for your spare corner: Install a window seat, make a small conversation group with a pair of slipper chairs or create a mini library with floor-to-ceiling shelves and a single fabulous armchair.”- http://www.forbes.com/


Why we agree: A bare space can make a room feel stiff and cold. Experiment on a reading nook as this will be a great spot to bond with the kids.


Paint Walls a Warm Color

“Paint your walls a warm color — anything from tan to chocolate brown — to make the space feel inviting.”- Macy Williams, http://www.popsugar.com/


Why we agree: Painting your living room is one of the fastest ways to change the feel and vibe. Experiment on rich brown color palettes.


Go Green!

“A terrarium, like a bowl of fish, adds life to a room. It also reflects light, so it’s nice for brightening dark walls. Delicate greenery feels calming and homey—and sophisticated when contrasted in a sleek, modern orb.”- http://www.realsimple.com/


Why we agree: This is the best time to try out your green thumb! There are many indoor plants that don’t require much of your time. Seeing green in your home instantly relaxes the eyes.


Mix and Match

“Soft materials—rich velvet upholstery and a luxe alpaca throw—clustered with hard, shiny surfaces create intriguing tactile interplay (sort of makes you want to pet the furniture). Don’t be afraid to tuck a big, generous chair into a snug nook for an intimate reading spot.”- http://www.realsimple.com/


Why we agree: This is the best time to get creative. Draw inspiration from interior design magazines and see what you come up with.


Personalize it.

“Visitors and friends are curious about your family, so make your living room more fun and friendly by putting a few personal touches out there to keep folks entertained. Photos, a novel you're reading, an afghan you crocheted yourself or a collection of shells from your last vacation are reminders that your space isn't an impersonal showroom somewhere, it's a home inhabited by interesting, vibrant people.”-Sara Elliott, http://home.howstuffworks.com/


Why we agree: This is the best time to get those photos into good use. Get crafty by making wall art or collages. Display books that you love in order to share ideas with guests. It gives them a good idea about who you are as a person. Add a more personal touch by using your Bellasentials Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser and essential oil blends to make your living room smell relaxing and inviting. Furthermore, you can involve the kids by allowing them to display small school projects and other personal crafts.


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