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How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend
Creating essential oil blends can be exciting and fun. You can opt to recreate classics that are tried and tested or invent unconventional ones. Which ever you desire to make, we can guarantee that it will be very interesting and creative. The combinations are endless. Not only is it the best way to personalize the scent for your home, there are numerous benefits of using essential oils. They are believed to be good for your health and overall well-being. It is always wise to do deep research before you choose which ones to make into your own blend. In this video, expert Deserie Valloreo of herbalwise.us.com will show us the three parts that make a great blend. There’s much to understand about essential oil compounding. Deserie, an herbalist and an aromatherapy specialist will explain this to us in this video:   First thing that you have to know is that there are three parts of a blend. Top, middle and base notes. image1 The top note is the scent that is unstable. This means it easily dissipates in the air. Delicate scents like bergamont are usually the top notes. Middle notes are second in line when the top note’s scent diminishes. An example of this is clary sage. The base note is the slowest to dissipate in the air and example of this is patchouli. All these are an example of the notes in an aroma profile which you will experiment on. image2 When you are making a blend, you have to consider the imporatance of balance between base, middle and top notes. The best way to do this is to experiment and do trial and error. Don’t just consider the aroma but keep in mind of the benefits of the essental oils so you can make a winning blend that wil be beneficial to your health. image3 Now there you have it. Relax and have fun making these blends. Either way, the rewards of creating your own scent combinations are very satisfying and beneficial.   Via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB9ub-3_Dv8

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