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How to Pick the Right Essential Oils

How to Pick the Right Essential OilsSome would leave this to the experts but being an essential oil enthusiast is actually something personal and your taste is unique to you. You should not buy an essential oil because someone told you so. You should buy it simply because you have done your homework and you understand the benefits and uses.

Starting a collection can be intimidating and overwhelming because there are so many essential oils to choose from. Here are 7 useful tips on how to go about it.

1. Buy what you love – Buy something not for its marketability but buy it because it you fell in love with it. Let your sense of smell guide you. Is it soothing? Is it energizing? Is it calming? Just follow your heart and choose what scents speak to you. Ultimately, you are the one who will be exposed to the scent so always choose what you desire the most or what could benefit your health.

2. Research and learn more about essential oils – This will help you a lot in discerning which essentials oils are of good quality. Know about therapeutic grade essential oils that can be safe when ingested or when applied topically. Also learn which ones need a carrier oil. This can help with a variety of ailments and can be wonderful homemade remedies to try. Speak with your doctor or an expert aromatherapist so you get professional sound advice. Read up on aromatherapy journals, blogs and books!  Enhance your knowledge! You will be amazed to find out the many uses and benefits.

3. Consider how the essential oil can be utilized – Take into consideration where and when you will be using the essential oil. Do you an ailment that you need help with? Do you need a sleeping aid? Will you be using them on your pets? Do you need them in your household cleaning? Or will essential oils be part of your personal use such as beauty regimens and personal hygiene? Your lifestyle will dictate how you will use your oils and what to purchase.

4. Know your budget – This will make choosing essential oils easier and it will also influence what kind of essential oils to buy. It is wise to start with the basics such as lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and the like before you experiment with rare and exotic ones. These can be a steep price range and can be impractical if used only sporadically. Keep your oils in the dark to extend their shelf life.

5. Experiment and be proud of you own unique taste– You do not need to seek approval for what is pleasing to you. Experiment on essential oils recipes and try tweaking them to add a personal touch to suit your own taste.

6. Talk with other essential oils enthusiasts – People will talk about a new TV hit series with passion and essintial oils can be basically the same thing. Ask what others are into and share your own knowledge. Curious about an essential oil or a new blend you have been wanting to try? Simply ask around! BellaSentials is proud to have a community of essential oil lovers on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. You can also learn from our blog. We love hearing from you so make sure to drop us a line or two.

Remember to always use your favorite essential oils in your BellaSentials Diffuser to maximize their amazing healing properties and benefits. Enjoy and live life abundantly.

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