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How to Store Your Essential Oils Properly

Many of us have discovered the amazing benefits of aromatherapy. Diffusing our favorite essential oils is something that we can’t get enough simply because it’s undeniably pleasurable as well as health savvy. Investing in the best aromatherapy oil diffuser and essential oils of excellent quality are the keys to maximize the benefits. But do you know how to properly store these essential oils? Knowing how to store them properly will not only make them last longer but it will also help retain the very important therapeutic properties they have. Here are things to avoid and how to properly store your essential oils:

 • Do not expose them to direct sunlight.

 Via: http://www.quinessence.com/

 “Essential oils should be packaged in dark coloured glass, since this filters out the suns ultra-violet light. Until quite recently, dark amber was always the colour of choice in glass bottles as can be seen from old-style medicine bottles. Today, dark shades of blue, green and violet have become more popular and they all offer some protection to your oils.However, no matter what the colour of bottle is, you should never leave oils in a place where the sun will shine directly on them - like on a window shelf in the bathroom, for example. Over a period of months this will dramatically speed up the process of oxidation (deterioration) due to them continually heating up and cooling down. Choose a cool, dark place to keep them safely away from heat and also inquisitive children - safety point number one.”

 • Store essential oils in small containers.

 Via: http://sedonaaromatherapie.com/

 “…as the bottle empties it is filled up with air; air provides oxygen and a chemical reaction (oxidation) occurs, forming a new substance and thus altering the original properties of the essential oil. Opening and closing a bottle many times exposes the contents to air many times. Some essential oil suppliers ship large quantities of essential oil in metal canisters; transfer the contents to smaller bottles when you receive them to prolong shelf life.

 • Keep them cool.

 Via: http://roberttisserand.com/

 “If you keep them refrigerated they will last twice as long, especially if you live in a warm climate. Essential oils are expensive, so you want them to stay active as long as possible! 35-38 degrees, the temperature of most refrigerators, is great for essential oils. If you fancy keeping them in your freezer that’s OK too, but the additional cooling won’t bring much added benefit.”

 • Safety first. Oils are flammable.

 Via: http://www.quinessence.com/

 “…essential oils are flammable, therefore never leave them near sources of ignition such as cookers, fires, candles or any naked flame. To help put this into perspective - vodka and many other spirits are also flammable, but if you store them safely and sensibly this is not a problem.”

 • Keep away from children and pets.

 Via: http://roberttisserand.com/

 “Always keep essential oils where small children cannot get to them. Accidents have occurred from toddlers ingesting essential oils.”


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