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Make Your Room Cozier with Easy DIY Fall Decor!


Make Your Room Cozier with Easy DIY Fall Decor! It’s time for chillier days and longer nights! Welcome the incoming season by having a bedroom makeover with DIY Fall decor. These are inexpensive and ridiculously fun and easy to do. All you need are a few materials to accomplish this project and you’ll have a sweet and cozy bedroom. This is where you’ll love to spend time snuggling with someone, watching your favorite series on Netflix with a warm cup of cocoa. Here, Sierra Furtado teaches us a few DIY room decors that are super fun and easy. Hello sweet sweater weather! b1

  • Pick a floral printed fabric and stick on letter stickers and make a fun wall art! Stick on inspirational quotes or cute sayings that will cheer you up and can help you get motivated. Use vibrant colors or colors that will compliment your room’s existing color theme, depending on what look you are going for. Stick on your wall with thumb tacs and viola! Instant art work that’s colorful and fun!
  • Add plastic autumn themed leaves and cute skull decors to your shelves.
  • Purchase a pumpkin décor and paint it a diffeent color. Orange ones can look boring and common so opt for colors that are unsual and fun! Dry out and place it in your room and it will instantly make your room look like fall wothout looking too Halloween-ish!
  • Place twinkle lights on your bed’s headboard to give a fun, relaxing vibe. Avoid the ones that are  blinking and multicolored because they will look too Christmas-y and that won’t help you chill at all. Your bed should feel and look easy on all the senses so crazy lights are a no-no.
b5 Don’t forget to make your room smell heavenly by diffusing your favorite essential oil blends with your favorite BellaSentials Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser. This is the final touch in achieving a cozy bedroom perfect for snuggling, snoozing and good vibes!   Via: Sierra Furtado, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5-Cte8v_ys

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