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Protect yourself from cold and flu season

Cold and flu season is upon us. The icy cold air, the shivering bodies and scratchy throats. It seems as though very few escape the clutches of this plague that comes along with inevitable winter grumpiness. A good quality air diffuser could make all the difference to your home and wellbeing this winter season.

Air diffusers are typically thought to be a contraption only for those with asthma or other types of repertory ailments. This is incorrect. Our homes are filled with all types of toxins. Hairspray and other grooming products, cleaning supplies, coughing and sneezing… the air we breathe is filled with all types of micro-ailments that could, and does, weaken our immune systems.

The BellaSentials line was first created with a high quality air diffuser that uses ultrasonic technology to slowly release healing oils into the room environment. Essential oils are incredibly powerful tools for giving your body what it needs. However, many air diffusers heat these life giving oils, rendering them almost useless.

At BellaSentials we know that essential oils, used in conjunction with a high quality air diffuser, are the keys to beating cold and flu season and all its unpleasant symptoms. A micro water vapor suspends the oil into the air for an extended period of time, thus giving your immune system an extra boost. The air we breathe drastically influences our health and overall wellbeing. Since we spend so much time in our home and office environments, we want to purify this air we breathe most often.

It is in our homes where we can best fight the unpleasant symptoms of cold and flu season.

Using a cold air diffuser daily helps to eliminate and destroy airborne germs & bacteria by increasing ozone and negative ions in the air, thus reducing bacteria and increasing the body’s ability to transport oxygen into the cells. The end result being a healthier immune system by creating an unfriendly terrain for bacteria and viruses within the body.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are complex in nature, being made up of hundreds of different chemical parts. Each of those naturally occurring parts have a different job, working together and harmonizing with the others to protect your body and serve as a line of defense against viruses and pathogens.

Place a diffuser somewhere in the main area of your home to be used daily. To receive the most benefits from your oils, diffuse in small increments throughout the day. A high quality cold air diffuser, like BellaSentials, releases perfectly timed micro-vapor into the air throughout the day so that you don’t have to do it.

What does this mean for cold and flu season? A serious goodbye kick in the pants.

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Here’s to the health, and happiness, of your home! Live life abundantly.

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