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Say Goodbye to Spring Allergies

Say Goodbye to Spring Allergie
It’s spring season once again like every year, we are faced with spring allergies. These can come in many forms, from a simple sniffling, sneezing, headache or lightheadedness. It could even end up as hay fever. We cannot avoid these allergens, unless we don’t want our trees and flowers to bloom this time of the year. So here are some of the best essential oils to help us beat this common sickness.

Lavender Oil – This essential oil is known for it’s great fragrance, soothing and calming effects. It’s a natural antihistamine and has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can treat most allergic reactions like skin rash or headache. You can use it topically to your cheeks and forehead if you have a headache, or simply add 1 drop of lavender oil to the affected area and rub it 2-3x a day.

Peppermint Oil – This essential oil is known for its strong minty and refreshing aroma. It can help with relieving pain and has a cooling effect that helps ease congestion and improve breathing. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect known to treat rashes and skin irritations. Peppermint essential oil is also recommended to use with carrier oils such as coconut, jojoba or olive oil. To help you breathe, add 1 drop to the base of your neck twice a day. You can also add 1 drop of peppermint oil and a drop of carrier oil to relieve sinus congestion, just apply around your nostrils (Do NOT apply without a carrier oil as it will sting sensitive tissue). Massage around your chest for quick relief in case you experience shortness of breath.

These two essential oils can also be used with your BellaSentials Essential Oil Diffuser, and is especially good for sensitive skin. Follow the directions of your diffuser and place it next to your bed for a soothing, relaxing and good nights rest. You can also use these essential oils through inhalation. Add 1-2 drops of the essential oil in the palm of your hands, Cup them over nose, take a deep breath slowly and repeat 3-5 times. If you don’t want oily hands, simply place 2-4 drops on a cotton ball, lock it in a zip bag and use it when necessary.

Now here is something that is most interesting. Lemon oil is also a natural antihistamine and is known to help cool down inflammation. If you combine these top 3 essential oils, you can have a most effective essential oil blend for spring allergies. Here’s how to use it for instant relief.

You will need: ( Only use oils that are of high quality and made of pure grade )
Lavender Oil
Peppermint Oil
Lemon Oil

Great ways to use this essential blend:

If you have skin rashes or itchy skin due to allergic reactions, mix a few drops of these 3 essential oils and an equal amount of a carrier oil such coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Then rub on the affected area 2-3x a day. It’s best if you have this blend in a small spray bottle so you can carry it anywhere.
For headache or shortness of breath, mix equal amounts of these 3 essential oils, then rub onto forehead, cheeks, chest or feet.
If you have sensitive skin and you are worried about getting skin irritations, add 3 drops of each essential oil, then diffuse in your BellaSentials Aromatherapy Diffuser throughout the day or night.

So now you have a good starter list of the essential oils that can protect you this spring season. Do not deprive yourself to enjoy the sun and the brightness of the day. Go out and live life abundantly.

**Please ONLY use essential oils topically under the supervision of your doctor.**

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