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Things to Avoid to Be More Productive at Work

Our workspace is essentially a reflection of us, like it or not. People may judge us based on our appearance and yes, our level of organization and cleanliness. These can be physical or things that we own or represent. More often than not due to our busy and demanding schedules, we tend to neglect this space that we spend much of our lives in. Our surroundings have a direct impact on our mood and emotions. So why not make an effort to make it into an inviting nook that is conducive to creativity and positive energy? Here’s a list of things you need to stop doing in the office:

Stop the clutter and mess! A messy office space is a sure fire way to make you feel tired upon entering. Declutter and reorganize your work space by organizing your files. Do not allow them to accumulate on your desk. Make a simple rule that once you are done, they need to be placed in your file cabinets and drawers. Another tip is to use pencil holders, baskets and bowls to house your office supplies. A conscious effort to tidy up once in a while won’t hurt and will improve your mood.

Do no play inappropriate music. There is a misconception that playing loud music meant for the clubs, is a great way to boost one’s energy. This is something you and your officemates should avoid. This distracts your mind and triggers emotions that aren’t productive. Scientists suggest that classical music has been proven to boost spatial-temporal reasoning and memory. If classical music isn’t your thing, try up beat motivational tunes that aren’t too overpowering. Try building the best playlist with songs that work well for you. Just remember not to play it too loud. Be considerate to your coworkers at all times.

Stop eating food at your work station. We all know that it’s important to fuel up for that much needed energy boost, but do not do it in your work space. The smell will stick to your walls, documents and clothing making your office smell like a restaurant. Eat at the cafeteria or drink power shakes instead. Smells elicit emotions in your brain. Strong odors of food may make you feel sleepy and lethargic. A great tip is using an aromatherapy oil diffuser to diffuse essential oils in the air. Try essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, lemon, lime and cinnamon. They are all known to boost productivity and mental alertness. Making your own blend according to your liking is also a good way of personalizing your own office scent.

Stop the communication chaos. You may be wasting valuable time when you do not organize your communication channels. Getting bombarded with emails, texts, Facebook direct messages and tweets? Try using applications like Basecamp or Asana to effectively communicate directly with your team.

Stop the office gossip. We all know the importance of socializing but there is a time and place for everything. Negative conversations aren’t conducive to productivity and may bite you in your behind. When a work mate is eager to share a juicy piece of information, listen in one ear, but do not absorb. Focus on good thoughts while you are at work. When your shift ends, this is when you release your Sasha Fierce. An after work cocktail with your mates is when you update yourself with the latest gossip. Yes, we aren’t saints and we sure need some entertainment to keep sane!

Now there you have it. It really all boils down to priorities and goal setting. In order to reach what you are aiming for, make sure you follow these simple steps. You will create a work place that makes you better at what you do. It also doesn’t hurt to have an impeccably clean and great looking work space that you can be proud of.

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