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Two Couples and a Dinner!

BellaSentials began over dinner one night amongst some like-minded and new found friends. We were discussing the importance of health and how amazing essential oils are. As we were sharing how much we all love essential oils; commonly we all understood and had a mutual respect for aromatherapy. It has always amazed me how essential oils are the actual essence of the plant, with many profound healing properties. How simple essential oils are, yet at the same time they are truly dynamic.

As we were getting to know each other and as our evening progressed, an excitement embraced our conversation for our collective interest in essential oils. I decided to share with our new friends about my husband’s health issues that he had been facing for the past year. At the time my husband, Greg, was working with many medical doctors and not feeling comfortable with the pharmaceutical protocol they were putting him on. He and I both knew that going back to the basics by working with diet and natural methods were the actual direction he wanted to move into for his recovery and healing.

I have had over 15 years of studying and using essential oils, so I knew how powerful oils would be for Greg. I also knew we had to keep his immune system up and I wanted to make sure the air in our home was clean. I immediately went online to research and order a few new aromatherapy diffusers.

Over the years I had stopped using diffusers, because the way of diffusing years ago was to heat the essential oils. I knew that heating the oils was essentially destroying the integrity of the oil and pretty much defeated the purpose. So I had stopped using diffusers sometime back and had not looked into them since. I knew that diffusers had changed since I had last used them, I was just not sure how.

In my online research, I had found a few diffusers that used a cold mist to diffuse the essential oils. I had placed my orders; only to be disappointed when they had arrived. They arrived with no clear instructions on how to use them, as well as, how to care for them. I found myself online searching for hours to try and find instructions for a particular diffuser brand. I was left with nothing, but to figure it all out on my own. I found this to be a very frustrating experience.

As our night was wrapping up we all came to an agreement that this would be an incredible venture for us to create.

We are very excited that BellaSentials is now established and we provide professional instructions and customer service. We are grateful that our customers love us and are loyal to our company. Essential oils and providing a high quality diffuser is the root of our passion, and the BellaSentials story.

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