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Using Essential Oils to Ease Headaches

Taking medications all the time can put a strain to your liver. If headaches are mild and are usually caused by stress or long hours at work, then natural remedies can be used. Scents are known to have a positive and negative effect on mood, feelings and well-being. Try taking a whiff of pungent smelling fish that isn’t as fresh and one can instantly feel nauseous and sick to their stomach. Finding the right blend of essential oils and using a good Essential Oil Diffuser can help ease headaches to help you feeling well in no time. Here’s our favorite essential oils:

• Peppermint- Peppermint essential oils when diffuse in the air can help ease the pain and throbbing. Not only does it smell fresh and clean, the strong smell acts as a good diversion to the pain that is felt.

• Eucalyptus – Similar to peppermint essential oil, Eucalyptus is known and used widely for patients that are feeling aches and pains. It acts as a soothing scent that helps ease a patient back into health.

• Rosemary- Rosemary essential oil’s scent is very herby and gives a sense of relaxation. It promotes rest and sleep to most people who are agitated and stressed.

• Lavender- Not only is lavender essential oil known to promote relaxation, it helps a headache sufferer feel sleepy. This will help promote the much needed rest the patient needs.

• Migraine Essential Oil Blend- For intense headaches, a potent alternative can be used. This is achieved by blending essential oils like Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender and Eucalyptus according to the proportion of one’s liking.

• Sweet Basil- is known to help relax and prevent "brain fog". It also acts as a decongestant that can ease some aches and pains.

We recommend that it is still best to go to your doctor to have a full assessment when persistent aches occur. Headache and migraine medications may be prescribed. Getting enough rest and eating vitamin rich fruits and vegetables will help one ease back into wellness. Aromatherapy is often called an "alternative therapy” but we feel that it is best to compliment it with expert advice from your doctors.

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