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Why You Need Meditation in Your Life

Most people think that meditation is just for eccentric hipsters but there’s more to it than just a trivial past time. It’s been backed up by science that there are plenty of benefits for the mind, body and overall well-being. We have researched on this so you can see for yourself the great changes it can do for your life.


It All Starts With the Brain

“This is where things get really interesting. Using modern technology like fMRI scans, scientists have developed a more thorough understanding of what’s taking place in our brains when we meditate. The overall difference is that our brains stop processing information as actively as they normally would. We start to show a decrease in beta waves, which indicate that our brains are processing information, even after a single 20-minute meditation session if we’ve never tried it before. -----Ash Read, http://lifehacker.com/


Why we agree: Our brain is indeed very powerful. Not only is meditation a relaxing habit but it will also increase your brain function by improving memory, mental focus, cognitive skills and more. Enhance the experience by using your Bellasentials Oil Diffuser and essential oils that promote relaxation, focus and mental clarity.


There are Many Health Benefits

Mitchell’s experience is borne out by studies showing that meditation not only lowers blood pressure but also can amp up your immune system -- although the mechanism isn’t clear -- while improving your ability to concentrate. Those who meditate can choose among a wide range of practices, both religious and secular. What they have in common are a narrowing of focus that shuts out the external world and usually a stilling of the body, says Charles L. Raison, MD, clinical director of the Mind-Body Program at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. Raison participated in a study that indicated that meditation improved both physical and emotional responses to stress. In the study, people who meditated regularly for six weeks showed less activation of their immune systems and less emotional distress when they were put in a stressful situation. - Patricia A. Farrel, PHD, http://www.webmd.com/


Why we agree: It is the best stress reliever that can affect the body by improving the immune system. Listen to your body and let meditation ease emotional and physical distress that are directly connected to your body’s overall health.


More Compassion

Research on meditation has shown that empathy and compassion are higher in those who practice meditation regularly. One experiment showed participants images of other people that were either good, bad or neutral in what they called “compassion meditation.” The participants were able to focus their attention and reduce their emotional reactions to these images, even when they weren’t in a meditative state. They also experienced more compassion for others when shown disturbing images. Part of this comes from activity in the amygdala—the part of the brain that processes emotional stimuli. During meditation, this part of the brain normally shows decreased activity, but in this experiment it was exceptionally responsive when participants were shown images of people. Another study in 2008 found that people who meditated regularly had stronger activation levels in their temporal parietal junctures (a part of the brain tied to empathy) when they heard the sounds of people suffering, than those who didn’t meditate.- Ash Read, http://lifehacker.com/


Why we agree: When you have found inner calm, no outside factor can ruin your positive attitude towards life. You are more understanding and mindful of other people’s feelings. Furthermore, you learn to be comfortable in your own skin, which makes it easier for others to relate with you. You learn to be accepting and open-minded therefore improving your relationships overall.


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