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Your Best Traveling Companion - Essential Oils

Your Best Traveling Companion - Essential Oils
Your daily back and forth road trips to work can cause stress, fatigue and exhaustion. Without us even realizing, this simple daily routine can cause us trouble.  So to help, we have come up with some quick solutions for road trips.  We all know aromatherapy is becoming very popular but not everyone realizes that it’s possible to use even while driving.  BellaSentials Essential Oil Car Diffuser is now available to keep your senses relaxed all day.  To maximize the use of your new BellaSentials Essential Oil Car Diffuser, we have a list of essential oils to help keep your trip relaxing, soothing and fun.

Purification Oil – This essential oil is great to use if your car has an unpleasant smell from wet goods like fish, meat from the grocery. Or even those wet bathing suits from your day at the beach. With just a drop or two the air will be purified and cleansed. This essential oil will help remove any foul odors.

Peppermint Oil – This essential oil helps you focus on the road.  Do you tire easily while driving? Do you lose concentration from the sheer boredom of your everyday commute? If you are distracted while driving, you can use this oil to keep you focused and safe.

Lavender Oil – This is a must have for every traveler and driver. It brings an instant calming and soothing effect.  So whatever your mood is, this will keep you calm through your entire drive.

Orange and Sandalwood Oil – These essential oils help alleviate anxiety.  Remember that aromatherapy may not always address deeper issues causing your anxiety. It may however provide some short term relief. Not to mention that it will leave your car with a delicious aroma.

Bergamot Oil – This essential oil can help with digestion issues.  If you feel uncomfortable or bloated after a sumptuous lunch, place one or two drops in your car diffuser. This will give you short term relief and it also can make you brain happy!

Lemongrass Oil – This useful essential oil can also help you stay happy. If you are caught in a traffic jam, use this essential oil to stimulate your happy brain cells and keep you cool, calm and collected.

Tea Tree Oil – Another essential oil that will cleanse your aura and give you energy on the road. This is best to use on long haul trips. A perfect addition if your job involves a lot of over the road driving.

Explore different essential oils and discover the ones that work best for you.  Soon, you will find that you just can’t live without them.


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