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10 Essential Oil Recipes That Turn Your Diffuser Into a Treatment Center

Aromatherapy has been a form of health care for centuries. In recent years, science has confirmed the positive impact plant-based essential oils have, on a multitude of health concerns.

One of the safest ways to integrate these natural remedies into your overall self-care routine is to use a diffuser. It uses water vapor as a carrier to safely fill the air with enough essential oils to elevate your health without risking the irritation that sometimes comes from direct skin contact. With a few vials of high-quality oils, you can address the 10 everyday concerns below with confidence. Remember, these recipes are for adults. If you have children in your home or workspace, especially those under age 2, consult with a doctor before using essential oils around them -- even in a diffuser.

Stop Allergies from Taking Over

Seasonal allergies affect more people each year, and several essential oils counteract specific aspects of this annoying and sometimes debilitating reaction in your body. Peppermint oil in your diffuser acts as an expectorant, while eucalyptus oil opens breathing passageways. For overall relief, combine 3 drops each of peppermint oil, lemon oil, and lavender oil.

Support Your Anxiety Treatment with Oils

Living with anxiety is challenging, and natural treatments are not always easy to come by. Luckily, several essential oils address different aspects of the condition. Ylang ylang, for example, improves cheer and encourages optimism. Rose oil, on the other hand, is effective in preventing panic attacks and soothing grief and relationship pain. Versatile lavender also helps with anxiety, as does bergamot. Experiment with equal parts of these oils in your diffuser to see what works for your unique anxiety profile.

Get Some Sleep

If you know anything about aromatherapy, it's probably that lavender helps you rest. Add equal parts Roman chamomile and wild orange to encourage calm and help you settle in for the night.

Cleanse the Air During Cold and Flu Season

Any extra help you can get to prevent getting sick is worth the effort, and diffusing is one easy way to stay healthy. Start with 3 drops of peppermint oil, then add 1 drop of lemon oil and 2 drops of both eucalyptus and tea tree oils. The antiseptic and congestion-fighting properties combine to ward off germs and keep you breathing right.

Breathe In an Energy Boost

Whether you're having trouble getting moving in the morning or have hit a mid-afternoon slump, the right essential oils can wake you right up. Use 2 drops each of cinnamon, wild orange and frankincense oils in your diffuser. You may want to pre-load a diffuser the night before and start it as soon as you wake so you get plenty of exposure.

Trouble Concentrating? Try This

If you're losing focus, turn to aromatherapy to bring yourself back to your tasks. Diffuse 2 drops of cinnamon, 2 drops of peppermint and 1 drop of rosemary to inspire your concentration.

Head off a Headache

Many experts recommend massaging certain oils directly into your temples to alleviate headache pain. For a diffusing option, mix thyme, rosemary, peppermint, marjoram and lavender oils in equal parts. You need only 1 or 2 drops of each to make an impact on even hardcore headache pain.

Cope with the Heat (and Run Off the Bugs While You're at It)

Sometimes, you just need a break from an oppressive environment. If you're too warm or find yourself with one too many six-legged pests around, combine 1 drop of lemongrass with 4 drops each of citronella, spearmint, and peppermint.

If You're Feeling Overwhelmed, Give This Combo a Shot

When life seems to be spinning out of control, grounding can bring you back to center and help you see through the scattered thoughts to find solutions. Just 2 drops of cedarwood and vetiver, respectively, in a diffuser full of water, is enough to help you calm down and see things clearly.

Ease Depression with Chamomile

Diffusing chamomile oil triggers feelings of relaxation and calm. Just a few drops are enough to fill a room with peace. Lavender, of course, is another powerful regulator for depression symptoms.

When you're looking to boost your well-being, aromatherapy offers a convenient complement to your doctor's plans. Shape your day with scents that enhance your health.