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Stay Calm, Energized and Rested with Essential Oils

Essential oils have become more popular in recent years as we look for help with everyday issues beyond what modern medicine offers. While using oils should never replace medical advice, complementary treatment using oils in a diffuser often can be helpful in easing symptoms of such common conditions as anxiety, a lack of energy or sleeplessness. Here's how.

Anxiety: Calm Your Mind with Essential Oils

If you suffer from anxiety's hallmark nervousness and apprehension, you know any chance of finding calm is welcome. Anxiety can come from a disorder such as panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder as well as a host of phobias, or it can be a side effect of something as simple as drinking too much caffeine or as life-changing as an overactive thyroid or abnormal heartbeat. That's why seeing a doctor for anxiety symptoms is critical.

Sometimes, normal life seems to be teeming with anxiety triggers, too. Prolonged stress, be it at school, work or home life, is a big contributor. Emotional trauma, illness and even a lack of oxygen also can send you into an anxiety attack.

When you're feeling anxiety creeping in, in addition to following your doctor's orders, try diffusing essential oils such as lavender, which studies show has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects, or Ylang Ylang, which encourages cheerfulness and optimism. According to a Korean study, combining Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Bergamot oils once daily for four weeks dropped blood pressure and levels of serum cortisol in hypertensive patients.

Boost Energy, Just by Breathing Diffused

Whether you hit the mid-afternoon slump every day or just need a pick-me-up now and then, reach for your essential oils instead of the coffee pot. Energy slumps are the result of anything from too many carbs at lunch to facing hormone changes or even struggling with major health issues like kidney failure. As with anxiety, a doctor is your best bet for handling major underlying causes, and diffusing oils can support your efforts. Of course, if you know you binge-watched one too many episodes last night or spent a little too much time out with your friends, skip the doctor and go directly to the diffuser.

When you need to wake up, start with lemon oil. It reduces fatigue and engages your mind and body. Eucalyptus also wakes up your brain while opening up your breathing passages, as does peppermint oil.

Get Your Zzzs

So many people live with sleep issues that the CDC calls a lack of sleep a public health concern. That makes sense: considering drowsy drivers, presenteeism and the numerous unhealthy behaviors in which sleepless people participate, natural help getting more rest is vital. Sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and insomnia are intense, life-altering conditions that need a physician's intervention. If you're just having trouble falling asleep now and then, though, essential oils may be all you need.

Several of the essential oils that help with anxiety also calm your mind and help you sleep. Lavender is famous for being a natural sleep aid. Lesser-known but also highly successful oils for sleep include Bergamot, Sandalwood, and Marjoram. Try mixing any of these with cedarwood oil for an extra dose of relaxation and a heady scent.

When you're looking for relief from common health issues, using a diffuser to fill the air with essential oils can be key to maintaining your overall health. Use oils one by one, get adventurous and mix them yourself or count on diffuser blends and other products and tips from the Bellasentials Facebook page to take the guesswork out of proportions and make sure your house smells as good as you feel.